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Insurance that can keep up with a vibrant life can only be created by people who understand and appreciate such lives. We must keep the spark alive in our eyes to inspire it in the people who work with Balcia.

So, we take the boring bits out of insurance and offer exciting careers.

Facts & Figures

On top of the world
Almost 50% of our team has scaled a real mountain.
Your walking buddies
Half of us walk 10 000 steps daily. Others has lost count.
We're. Never. Dull!
90% of our team enjoys socializing at our events!
We're travelers
70% of us have explored at least 10 countries.
Colleagues. It never gets crowded, though!
Avg. satisfaction rating from our employees.
Women or men? Find out at the interview.
Opportunities to pitch your cool ideas.
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Every win for our clients is a win for our team

Embracing surprises

We reduce unpleasant surprises for our clients; We surprise the insurance industry with innovations; We maintain a surprisingly lovely atmosphere at work.
Yeah, that's what we're good at.

Quick as a wink

Your reflexes sharpen when working at Balcia. Of course, they do — you work among professionals that create innovative products. Our clients appreciate not only stability and safety but our creative approach, too.

No empty promises

Whether you’re a client or a colleague: we talk and listen until we’ve understood one another. We prefer working that way. And then we get out there and turn those words into action.

Crazy smart, not crazy hard

We like to stay on top of our game, so we improve ourselves daily to achieve more by doing less.


No 1

Flex to the max. Sounds a bit stale, right?

What’s that, you say? Days off, work from home or abroad, individualized working hours? Ok, we got you!
No 2

What ceiling?

There are no stop signs for your growth at Balcia. Come work for us and become your best self.
Nois! Yaas!
No 3

Bonuses or pop-up parties? How about both!

If you work hard, we dish out bonuses and host parties to celebrate. How often? We look at our quarterly results and then put it to a vote.
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Not Boring

Check out our locations!

Join us!

Work does not have to be boring!
And it isn’t 99% of the time – if you’re at Balcia!

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Ready to thrive?

We have open positions! 12

Debt Collection Specialist

Are you a master of cultural persuasion and conversations about money do not scare you? Then join our accounting team as a Debt Collection Specialist!

Customer care specialist

Ready to brighten every customer's day? Join a company where care makes all the difference and be the reassuring voice in the insurance world, transforming inquiries into smiles!

Claims Handler

Ready to handle the future of claims with us? Join our team and redefine the insurance experience. Turn challenges into triumphs, and join us in making a real difference in the world of insurance.


Join us in revolutionizing the insurance landscape, where every challenge is an opportunity, and your expertise as a claims virtuoso will make an undeniable impact!


Be the driving force behind smooth insurance settlements by joining us as a Settlement Specialist focused on broker collaboration!


Are you a natural at turning chaos into calm? Do you have a knack for resolving challenges with a reassuring smile? ? If you've got a heart of empathy and a mind for problem-solving, we've got the perfect role for you!


Ready to launch success? Hit sales goals, dazzle customers, and team up with partners – let's soar!

Junior Claims Handling Specialist

Are you a natural at turning chaos into calm? Do you have a knack for resolving challenges with a reassuring smile? ? If you've got a heart of empathy and a mind for problem-solving, we've got the perfect role for you!

Claims Registration Specialist

We really like our Clients - so we want the best for them! Are you ready to be a good spirit of Balcia who with empathy and smile will help our Clients and provide them all needed information?


Thrilled by resolving claims and empowering sales? Perfect! At Balcia, you'll be the backbone of our team, delivering support that dazzles customers and empowers our sales force.


Passionate about the intersections of property and insurance? Brilliant! At Balcia, shape property insurance products that make even the most discerning clients feel secure and well-cared-for.


Keen on crafting personal insurance products that truly make a difference? Excellent! At Balcia, develop tailor-made solutions that turn our clients' worries into relief and trust.

Our team is currently at full capacity with all positions filled. Stay connected with us for future opportunities and exciting updates.
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