background Māris Stjade
He creates blend of work and play
He believes in his team
He's Sherlock in the world of numbers
He is calm as a monk



Step into the insurance world, where numbers flip and fly at Maris' command. With his chilled-out vibe, he turns finance puzles into child's play, easy juggling complex calculations with a friendly face. His leadership? It's like having a financial wizard who always got your back, guiding you through the world of numbers.

Maris does things at a fast pace, but no fear— he knows what he's doing and what needs extra attention. He doesn't waste time on unimportant things but will never skip a friendly chat and a cup of coffee. Great work requires fuel, after all.

Fun fact!

Maris doesn't care about cooking at all.

If Māris was a Balcia product, he'd be…

JUNIOR. Oh, to be a child again…

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