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We're a tech-driven insurance company with Latvian roots, causing waves in industry with our fresh approach. Our secret? Placing people's lifestyles at the heart of our products and leveraging the power of automation. The result is an insurance experience that's as hassle-free as it gets. No need to buy and cancel policies anymore - just a simple, convenient subscription service that smoothly integrates insurance into your everyday life. Today, we are sprinkled across Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, France, Germany, Italy, and Estonia. We're all over the place, and we're just getting started. We are on a mission to redefine the way you think about insurance.

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As the Head of Sales at Balcia, your responsibility will be to lead and manage the sales team, develop and implement effective sales strategies, and drive growth in our insurance products

Get ready to: 

  • Lead, mentor, and manage a high-performing sales team
  • Develop and execute sales strategies to achieve company targets and increase market share
  • Identify and pursue new business opportunities and partnerships
  • Monitor and analyze sales performance metrics, adjusting strategies as necessary to ensure goals are met
  • Collaborate with other departments to align sales goals with company objectives
  • Prepare and present sales reports to senior management, providing insights and recommendations for improvement
  • Stay updated on industry trends and competitors to maintain a competitive edge
  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and company policies

About you:

  • You possess exceptional leadership skills and a strong sense of accountability
  • You put passion and energy into everything you do and derive satisfaction from achieving and exceeding sales targets
  • You are a proactive individual who takes initiative in identifying opportunities for growth and optimizing sales strategies
  • You are effective in communication, facilitating collaboration, and conveying complex concepts clearly to both your team and clients
  • You thrive in a dynamic environment and can adapt quickly to changes in the market

Sound familiar? Great! Shoot us a message and let’s see where this connection takes us!

To fit in here you’ll need:

  • Degree in Business management, Economics or a related field
  • Proven experience in leading sales position in the insurance industry
  • Strong analytical and strategic thinking skills
  • Excellent leadership and team management abilities
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements and insurance products
  • Fluency in Latvian and English

Reasons why you’ll love it here

You will be working from our modern HQ offices in the Riga city centre, while also having the option of a nomad-desk. What does that mean? Simple! In addition to our HQ, you can occasionally choose to work from dynamic locations across Riga, Tallinn, Warsaw, and Vilnius, or, if you wish, your home office.

Say goodbye to micromanagement and hello to creative freedom! Our flat organizational structure empowers each employee to make meaningful decisions and contribute directly to our shared vision. Our OKR (Objective and Key Results) bonus system aligns your personal goals with company objectives, giving you the freedom to grow in a way you see fit and earn a little extra along the way.

Balcia brings a whole new meaning to insurance, making it dynamic, vibrant, and full of exciting surprises! From creative brainstorming and innovative projects to unique collaborations, it's never boring at Balcia! To make your start here as smooth as possible we'll provide effective onboarding, and any additional training or guidance you may need.

You'll receive a competitive salary that's based on your competencies and previous experience. What's more, you'll receive high quality health insurance (from day one!), additional paid days off, amazing discounts on Balcia products to keep you and your family safe, and many more. As lovers of surprises, we make sure that each year our benefits package is reviewed with the intent to include even more bonuses! 



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